Major farming systems/enterprises (based on the analysis made by the KVK)

S.N. Particulars Contents
1 Crop/Enterprise Garlic
2 Title of on-farm trial Varietal evaluation of garlic with local varieties.
3 Problem diagnosed Garlic is one of the very important rabi vegetable of district Bageshwar. But almost all the farmers are using their own traditional seed (cloves). That has now become affected with diseases. Moreover its production and storage life is less. The farmers are reluctant to change this seed as they feel that it is having more smell and so preferred by the consumers. VPKAS has released two garlic varieties VL Garlic 1 and 2 that need to be assessed at farmer’s level. Therefore the present OFT is proposed that will assess the acceptability of releases varieties and may pave the way for their popularization
4 Farming situation Hilly, Irrigated
5 Production system & thematic area Yield and quality enhancement
6 Details of technologies selected for assessment/refinement T1 : Local variety (Farmer’s practice)
T2: VL Garlic 1
T3: VL Garlic 3
7 Plot Size 4.5 m2
8 Source of technology VPKAS, Almora
9 No. of farmers 5
10 Total cost (r) 2000.00
11 Critical input Seed (cloves)
12 Performance indicators (1) Technical Yield, insect/ disease incidences, keeping quality and storage life
(2) Economic COC, Net return and BCR
(3) Social Farmers acceptance, preferences