District Magistrate, Bageshwar Shri Mangesh Ghildiyal, Dr. J. K. Bisht, PS & Head CPD, ICAR - VPKAS, Almora & CAO,
Bageshwar were present on the occasion of 10 th SAC meeting of KVK Bageshwar (09.12.2016)

Proceedings of 9th SAC meeting held on 05-10-2015

Krishi vigyan Kendra kafligair organized 9th Scientific Advisory Meeting on 8.10.2015. The meeting was headed by Director VPKAS, Almora Dr. Arunav Pattnayak. Chief Agriculture Officer Shri V.P.Maurya was the Chief Guest of the meeting.

After completing field visit the meeting started at 11:35 a.m. in the forenoon. First of all Incharge KVK and committee member Dr. N.K. Singh had welcomed Director Sir, special guests, invited guests and committee members. After that Head sir and the guests sitting on the dice commenced the programme by enlightening the lamp after ICAR song. Dr. N.K. Singh told about the objectives, work done during the year 2014-15 and 2015-16 and the proposed action plan for the year 2016-17, regarding this he covered the following points.

  1. 1800 trainees were benefitted during the year 2014-15 under 77 trainings.
  2. 25 trainings were conducted till 8.10.2015 for the year 2015-16.
  3. KVK completed 8 OFT in the year 2014-15 while 8 are proposed for the year 2015-16 and again 8 are proposed for the year 2016-17.
  4. During the financial year 2014-15 under Front Line Demonstration different crops were demonstrated in 46.39 hac land and different crops were demonstrated in 48.59 hac farmer’s land during 2015-16.
  5. 7146 farmers were benefited through 636 extension programmes including 3 field days, 43 kisan goshthies and 1 krishi pradarshani during the year 2014-15.
  6. Till now 582 extension programmes were organized including 2 farmer’s fair, 15 kisan goshthies and total 3860 farmers were benefitted.
  7. 100 training programmes, Front Line Demonstration in 52.60 hac land, 9 OFT and 918other extension programmes were proposed for the year 2016-17.
  8. After that head sir asked to committee members to put their views and suggestions regarding the proposed action plan and the main highlights are as below.
  9. Newly released variety of VL Barley 118/130 should also be taken in future action plan; it is a dual purpose variety of barley and can also be used as fodder.
  10. Chief Agriculture officer requested Director sir to reconsider the fee for farmers training that is institutional (2-3 days Rs 1100, 1 day Rs 700) and training hall fee (Rs 5000/day).
  11. Action Plan of each reason/ year has to be submitted to ICAR-V.P.K.A.S Almora for necessary corrections before making it at Kafligair.
  12. In proposed Front Line Demonstration for the financial year 2015-16 the following varieties of different crops should be taken : Wheat-VL Gehun-953,Finger millet-VL Madua 352, Lentil- VL masoor 516 and Soyabean- VL soya-65 and, VL Gahat-15 & VL Gahat-19 should be taken.
  13. For encouraging the backyard poultry farming development of ideal poultry farm should be developed with the help of Chief veterinary officer, Bageshwar under ATMA scheme.
  14. Efforts should be made for extension of yellow sticking trap/ pheromone traps.