Success Story

Serving the Mushroom Growers through ICT during Lockdown


  • Considering the potential of mushroom growing for marginal farmers and unemployed youth, one skill development training under ASCI was provided to 20 participants.
  • Unfortunately, the time for spawning of oyster mushroom approached during lockdown. This may discourage the participants. KVK Bageshwar accepted this challenges of initiating mushroom venture that was necessary to boost the enthusiasm among newly trained participants.
  • KVK Bageshwar provided 50 kg spawn of oyster mushroom (Pleurotus spp.) along with necessary inputs by following social distancing and all precautions against COVID 19. Straw was available with the growers.
  • Action Points

  • Now the challenge was to provide timely advice and take care and follow up of the crop grown by first time growers.
  • Whatsapp group Mushroom Growers Bageshwar created and managed by KVK worked as a platform for providing timely advice, solving problems and sharing experiences and relevant videos. Moreover, queries and problems of individual growers were also addressed through phone calls, video calls and messages.
  • This led to bring the crop in time with initial harvest of 1 q and total harvest will reach to 2.5 q. Thus, the first time growers would realize the potential of this venture. The fresh produce has great demand during lockdown period and is being sold @ Rs. 150 per kg in local market.

  • Protected Vegetable Production

    Introduction : Income enhancement of marginal hill farmers through protected vegetable Cultivation.

    KVK Intervention : Demonstration by construction of 4 low cost polyhouses in farmer participatory mode.

    Output : Gross income of Rs. 23,000 from 100 m2 protected area.

    Outcome Impact: Now many farmers are showing keen interest in protected vegetable cultivation and have started approaching the District Horticulture Department. Farmers of adjoining villages have constructed 4 medium cost GI pipe based polyhouses from District Horticulture Department and around 6 are in queue.

    Mushroom Production

    Introduction : Income enhancement of marginal farmers through mushroom production.

    KVK Intervention : Demonstration s of 06 Nos. of Oyester (Pleurotus spp.) mushrooms was conducted in Bageshwar block in farmer’s participatory mode.

    Output : Gross income of Rs. 3200.00 per demonstration from Oyester mushrooms were obtained in three months period.

    Outcome Impact : Farmers have convinced with the production technology and the eating taboo is diminishing that will open new marketing vista. Therefore, farmers are approaching KVK and State department for training and inputs. Interested growers have received advance training from GBPUA&T, Pantnagar also.

    Backyard Poultry Farming

    Introduction : Income enhancement of marginal hill farmers through backyard poultry farming.

    KVK Intervention : Demonstration of 500 day old chicks (Chabro croiler strain) to 25 farmers under backyard poultry farming.

    Output Output : Gross income of Rs 13,110 per unit with benefit cost ratio 2.12 from backyard poultry farming. Egg weights were ranges from 50-60 grams and its colour is brown that fetches higher price than white colour eggs.

    Outcome Impact : Now many farmers are showing keen interest in backyard poultry farming and have started approaching the District Animal Husbandry Department and NGOs (Chirag, Ajeevika etc.) for croiler chicks because croiler is dual purpose, hardy and very much suitable for backyard poultry farming. It also helps in reducing nutritional deficiencies and supplementing protein needs of growing children and pregnant women.